How To Reclaim The Best Version Of Yourself

It’s stupid o’clock in the morning and your alarm is yelling louder than your ex-girlfriend after half a dozen White Claws.

After giving it a couple slaps, you reluctantly drag your ass out of bed. Just another day in paradise…

7:30am — Stuck in traffic.

8:30am — Work

8:31am —…

Authenticity is the most natural thing in the world. It exists everywhere and in everything. A rock is a rock. A tree is a tree. A lake is a lake.

The dog chases the cat, because that’s what dogs do. The eagle soars high, because that’s what eagles do. …

Brandon Boswell

CEO of The Datamax Worldwide Project. Founder of Drunk Passion. Creator of The Entrepreneur Superpack. Creating 1,000,000 Social Impact Entrepreneurs by 2030.

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