Authenticity is the most natural thing in the world. It exists everywhere and in everything. A rock is a rock. A tree is a tree. A lake is a lake.

The dog chases the cat, because that’s what dogs do. The eagle soars high, because that’s what eagles do. The human… is confused.

Our struggle has nothing to do with our own being as an individual. It exists as a result of the society that we’ve built, and the one we continue to reinforce.

Einstein once said that “If you judge a fish by his ability to climb a tree, he will grow up thinking that he’s a failure.”

A fish is only amazing at authentically being a fish.

Our struggle resides in the fact that we have completely lost the meaning of what it is to be authentically human.

Humans are tribal. They rely on cooperation to thrive, not competition. “We” takes us to where we want to go. “I” is a definitive path to destruction.

Internally, we know that our being has the longing for togetherness. For the tribal partnerships that ensure our survival. The bigger the better.

The struggle comes from a society built on the strategic inflation of individualistic importance.

I no longer need to make the tribe better, I just need to be better than you.

Unfortunately, when judged against 8 billion other humans, the ego will always be found wanting.

Soul-crushing defeat is the only destiny that the individual path has to offer.

Being authentically human is the only way to break the spell that the struggle has cast upon us.

Focus on what you are, as who you are is, for the most part, completely irrelevant. Serve the tribe. End the struggle.